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The Top Questions We Get Asked about T-Shirt Printing Every Day in One Killer Blog!

Here's the stuff people ask us all the time- so we thought you might be able to learn from it!

Q: What is your minimum? A: Our minimum is 144 shirts per design, however, post virus we have reduced the min to only 72 shirts which again you can mix and match shirt styles, colors and sizes.

Q: How many colors can you print? A: How’s UNLIMITED sound!.....yeah, that’s a fact...with our simulated index printing system we actually channel your artwork into specific Pantone Colors to print an UNLIMITED array of colors and tones to make your design POP on fabric, especially dark colors.....more info here

Q: What parts of the shirt can you print? A: As long as we stay away from seams and the collar the shirt is printable anywhere.....side prints, upper back prints called “locker loop prints”, inside neck prints, you name it we can print it..

Q: How big can my design be on the shirt?

A: Our standard print DIMS are 14.5’ x 15.5” plus we offer OVERSIZE printing of 16.5” x 19” which runs $1.00 more per print

Q: Can you guys draw up a design for me? A: Does wedding cake taste good?  This is one of our major league strengths and reason you will ultimately choose us. Go to our Custom Design link here and have a peek for yourself.... With your pictures and ideas we gotcha covered on the creative end for sure .... Q: Once I pay for a design is it mine? A: You’re actually buying custom apparel from us, so we give you pricing per piece inclusive of all the work that’s required....If we end up designing the shirt the design is our property, however, with an Artwork Waiver form completed we’ll permit the use of the design on items we don’t do...just nothing apparel related cause you got us!

Q: Can you get the soft tees? A: All day long, in fact, we sell more of these comfortable shirts than the traditional “scratchy” tees....upcharge starts at only $1.00 per tee and we have some really nice options which we are happy to sample once an order is placed...

Q: What about masks and other face products, you carry them? A: Since the virus hit in March ’20, we’re printing MORE face masks, neck gaiters and bandanas than shirts...We can get masks in various styles and colors, even options with filter pockets all printable with your full color logos to not only keep you and your employees/clients safe but lookin’ good too!

Q: How quick can we get an order printed? A: Well, how’s 13,000 square feet of state of the art machinery with the very best employees in the industry ready to roll sound? directly answer the q, we’re capable of a 2 day turn and in general most non rush orders are printed and shipped within 2 weeks....when do you need them?

Q: Do you carry different apparel items besides short sleeve tees? A: Absolutely, in fact we encourage you to mix and match apparel styles on your orders.....most popular apparel items past short sleeve tees include long sleeve tees, hoodies, ladies styles and kids sizes.....but if it’s flat and made of material (aprons, tote bags, bandanas etc..) we can print it! Q: Do we get to see a sample of OUR shirt before you print the job? A: That's a big phat YES! Consider it a part of our world class service and one of the big differences between us and any online apparel I’m sure the local guy doesn’t want to deal with pre-production samples...they’re too lazy!

Q: What kind of artwork do I need to provide? A: We are looking for vector artwork. (.eps) or (.ai) files from Illustrator are the most popular vector files we receive. You may have a Photoshop file (.psd) which needs to be at least 300 dpi the size you want printed on the shirt. Note a (.jpeg) file is most likely a viewing file and in most cases will require time to rebuild. Once the file lands here we are able to quote you any one time costs BEFORE we go to work. If you're like, "I don't know vector art from a hole in the wall" send us what ya have and we'll dial you in... did I just say hole in the wall?

Q: What are my packaging options once the shirts are printed? A: Great question and another one of our MAJOR strengths...feast your eyes on this link and take a peek at option #6, the compressed tee!...can you say POWERFUL!

Q: What are compressed T's? A: T-shirts that once we print are compressed and shrink wrapped into shapes that fit in the palm of your hand... yeah, I said palm of your hand! And we made our own equipment to do this unique process... We have hundreds of shapes you can choose from which are free of charge to use...yeah, free, which means no additional set up costs! Q: Can you make a custom shape? A: Absolutely...we actually also do this under our own middlemen here baby...E-Mail your shape request so we can check it out. ..New molds run $495 bucks but before you do this let’s brainstorm on a shape we already have!

Q: Does it cost extra to compress the shirts? A: Uhhhhh, YEAH!! A lot of labor and love goes into this process. We first place a piece of tissue paper over the design to protect it, then hand fold the shirt (design inward) and place into a mold of your choice.  Then this baby gets compressed under 40 tons of pressure to where it will sit tight until we put the printed insert card(s) on the flat surfaces then shrink wrapped so it stays nice and tight! It's one heck-of-a-process for one heck-of-a marketing piece!

Q: Do you really sell shirts for $2.95 each? A: The $2.95 deal is an order of 2016 White name brand 100% cotton short sleeve no pocket tees printed on ONE location with artwork YOU PROVIDE! And if the art is good to go, them babies are $2.95 each!

Colored tees add $1.00 each, additional print location add $1.00 more per tee, higher quality shirts will run more.....

email for other popular a la carte items.....remember we want people wearing these shirts! Q: If I want the $2.95 Deal and can order 2016 shirts; can I split the order into 4 different designs? A: Uh....No! The $2.95 Deal is 2016 shirts of the SAME EXACT DESIGN....We would treat each design as a separate order, however, we’ll discount the entire order based on the total quantity....need to see the artwork to get you specific pricing..

Q: How much to print an additional location? A: We charge $1.00 per additional print location

Q: Do 2XL sizes cost more? A: Yup...only because we get charged more by the general add $2.00 per shirt for 2XL sizes and an additional $1.00 per “X” Some of the basic shirts go up to 6XL.....your rep will be able to dial you in once we know the exact shirt you’re looking at

Q: I have an 8 color design and want to do 1008 shirts, can I order 5 different shirt colors? A: Sure….bring it on! Variety is the spice of life! Q: What about ladies apparel, can that be added to the order? A: Yup, by all means, however, in most cases the artwork needs to be reduced to fit on the ladies garments, so treat this order separate (min 72 shirts required)

Q: Do you carry heavier weight shirts? A: Of course....we carry ANY shirt out there...just tell us what you prefer and we'll get it. Most manufacturers make a 6oz shirt which on average cost 50 cents more. There are also a few heavyweight ringspun cotton choices, the most famous being the Hanes Beefy-T which costs $2.00 more per shirt depending on the color. There is also our line of soft, fitted tees… or email a rep and let us know what style you want Q: What are the payment terms? A: Our terms are 50% down, balance due before we ship. If you provide a PO we could work out the entire amount payable before we ship to save you from 2 separate payments....whatever is more convenient for you.

Great price & better quality = pay us when we're done please! Q: What payment methods do you accept? A: You could do a direct deposit at our bank (Wells Fargo), send us an ACH, mail a check, send us a wire (add $20) or pay by CC (add 3% to cover the CC fees)

Q: Do we pay for freight? A: You do, but we scour the best option for you from Fed Ex & UPS to LTL trucks if the order is large enough to make that a better option....and some of our clients prefer to give us their freight accounts which is no problem.

Q: Can you drop ship my order to different addresses? A: With pleasure...just need the company name, address, phone and contact where they need to land and consider it done!

Q: Will you guys print and warehouse my order until I need them? A: Hmmmmmmmm, lemme think about it...maybe....if you’re willing to pay for the order in full

I’m thinking we could store them here for a little bit....

Q: Do you offer fulfillment? A: This one requires more info...the short answer is we have handled plenty of fulfillment requests but need the facts to see if it’s in our wheelhouse.

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