• Package 1

    Screen printed t-shirts folded by the dozen. Six dozen shirts come in a box.

    Box dimensions 24" x 15" x 14".

  • Package 2

    Custom t-shirts individually folded.

    72 shirts come in a box.

    Box dimensions 24" x 15" x 14".

  • 295-guys-poly-bagged-t-shirt.jpg

    Package 3

    Custom t-shirts individually folded and polybagged 50 cents each.
    Keeps your shirts clean, organized and makes it real easy to give away or sell right outta the box. You could even provide us with a coupon or flyer to insert inside each bag (Maybe offer this deal to a sponsor and charge them for this advertisement).

  • t-shirt-rolled.jpg

    Package 4

    Rolled with a custom printed label. Easy to store and hand out. You can have your logo, contact info, and a promo custom printed on the label wrap. What a great way to promote your business!

  • t-shirt-rolled-shink-wrap.jpg

    Package 5

    Rolled with a custom printed label and shrink-wrapped. 

  • 295-guys-compressed-t-shirt.jpg

    Package 6

    Custom t-shirts compressed into one of our standard shapes with one custom printed insert card. E-mail sales@295guys.com with the quantity, shape and number of insert cards you want for a quote. This is the most versatile and exciting promotional product you can buy. Don't forget to check out our Stock Compressed Gallery.