Our T-Shirt Printing

$2.95 Guys have been Screen Printing T-shirts since 1987
 The 295 Guys specialize in every screen printing process and new technology in order to make your designs print the very best, look the very best and feel the very best. Our Staff takes a lot of pride in making sure you're happy! All done here in our factory. Want to check out our quality? Take a look at some samples below or you may order a real sample of a custom t shirt and feel the quality for yourself.

     Simulated Process is used for producing photo-realistic images with very high amounts of detail. It utilizes spot colors and blends them together with halftones and gradients to simulate 4 color process print.


     Spot color printing is generated in by a single ink color. You can have multiple spot colors in one design. The custom t shirt example above has 2 spot colors on the front and 3 spot colors on the back.


     A direct-to-garment printer  prints the ink directly onto the t-shirt. The DTG printer is able to print images in much higher detail than screen printing, and you’re not limited in color. Unlike screen printing there is no setup fees and DTG has the ability to print just one single custom t shirt for minimal cost.

Standard Screen Print Placements

Screen Printing Magic