We Are Your ONE STOP Custom Apparel Printing Factory

33 years in business, printed here in the U.S.A

Our brand foundation...

Since day one, which started in our CEO’s tiny kitchen in Ocean Beach, CA, it’s been about producing the highest quality work in an industry that mostly focuses on how fast jobs can get done....Our thought is if you are spending your hard-earned money with us you deserve and will get the best work the industry has to offer.....PERIOD!


Plus exceptional fast customer service which our large client base can attest to.

Our promise to you

The expression “do what you say” is a powerful statement we live by every day...If we tell you something, it WILL get done! Whether it be when the order ships, what products we promised....bottom line..we will GUARANTEE your satisfaction or fix it...

Why us.. over your "guy"

When asked who we compete against, it’s generally the “local guy” that is right there in your home town.. But sometimes, that guy might not have access to everything you need.

Our competitive advantage:


  • Graphic artists from all over the world that can create designs people will WANT to wear https://www.295guys.com/design

  • Printing that shows the smallest details in the vibrant colors with a soft hand feel that doesn’t feel heavy on your back https://www.295guys.com/print

  • The largest apparel selection you will find ANYWHERE with professional reps that will find out what’s best for you! https://www.295guys.com/apparel-catalog

  • Packaging options that are well thought out and discussed that maximize the value and make easy to distribute https://www.295guys.com/t-shirt-packaging

  • Production firepower consisting of 13,000 sq ft of machinery featuring 6 automatic print presses ready to get your orders out quickly and in hand faster than the local guy can say “we’ll be done soon”

More than your average "screen printer"..

  • twinings_screen_printedt-shirt.jpg

    Custom Screen Printing

    The 295 Guys specialize in every screen printing process and new technology in order to make your designs print the very best, look the very best and feel the very best.

  • 295guys_custom_design.jpg

    Custom Graphic Design

    We custom design t-shirts better than anyone! Check out our Custom Gallery and you will see our high quality, professional designs and why we are referred to in the industry as a leader of custom designs and t-shirt printing.

  • 295_compressed_t-shirt.jpg

    Compressed T-Shirts

    This is our most innovative product! With the compression t-shirt packaging process, we can shrink wrap an extra large t-shirt into the size of your business card (2.5" x 3.5") or a postcard size that will go right in the mail "as-is!"


Carol Measiam

American Classic Cars

Lance and all the peeps @ 2.95 Guys are the best.. We use them for all our T-Shirt needs.. They Rock!

Check them out!

Brand we screen print for...