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 Here at the $2.95 GUYS, we get asked a lot of questions. If you don't find your question or answer here, please fill out the form below, give us a call at (858) 513-7000 or email and we'll do our best to hunt down your request. No, Really.

Q: What is the $2.95 deal?

A: The $2.95 Deal is an order of 2016 White name brand 100% cotton short sleeve no pocket t-shirts printed
on one location with ARTWORK YOU PROVIDE! And if the art is good to go,
them babies are $2.95 each! No, really!

Q: How do you guys do it?

A: Easy...state of the art equipment, a streamlined paperwork process and awesome employees, some of which
have been here 25+ years, that have a passion and commitment to be the best in the biz!

Q: How much to print an additional location?

A: We charge a min. of $1.00 per additional print location. Depending on the number of colors in the
artwork and total quantity of shirts, that may go up or down...Talk to a rep and explain YOUR sitch.

Q: Do 2XL sizes cost more?

A: Yup...only because we get charged more by the mill...add a minimum of $2.00 per shirt for 2XL sizes
(some brands cost more). We also offer sizes up to 5XL...a rep can dial in those costs for ya

Q: Can we order different apparel within the same order?

A: Sure, as long as the design is EXACTLY the same. Some popular additional items folks order include
tank tops, long sleeve tees, crewneck and hooded sweatshirts. If you have another item just tell us... we can get it!

Q: I want the $2.95 Deal and can order 2016 shirts; can I split the order into 4 different designs?

A: Uh....No! The $2.95 Deal is 1008 shirts of the SAME EXACT DESIGN....You would treat each design as a
separate order.  It may be possible however that we can do 2 separate orders of 1008 shirts…
let us see the art pretty please.

Q: I have an 8 color design and want to do 1008 shirts, can I order 5 different shirt colors?

A: Sure….bring it on!

Q: What about ladies apparel, can that be added to the order?

A: Yup, by all means, however, in most cases the artwork needs to be reduced to fit on the ladies garments,
so treat this order separate (min 144 shirts required)

Q: Do you carry heavier weight shirts?

A: Of course....we carry ANY shirt out there...just tell us what you prefer and we'll get it. Most manufacturers
make a 6.1oz shirt which on average cost 50 cents more. There are also a few heavyweight ringspun cotton choices,
the most famous being the Hanes Beefy-T which costs $2.00 more per shirt depending on the color.
There is also our line of soft, fitted tees… or email a rep and let us know what style you want

Q: What is your minimum?

A: We like to get the facts before we can answer this one….so, send us the info on your project and let us see
if we can be your hero!.

Q: What are the payment terms?

A: Our terms are 50% down balance due at delivery. If you provide a PO we could work out the entire amount
payable at delivery or before we ship, whatever is more convenient for you. Great price & better quality =
pay us when we're done please!

Q: What are compressed T's?

A: T-shirts that once we print, are compressed and shrink wrapped into shapes that fit in the palm of your hand...
yeah, I said palm of your hand! And we made our own equipment to do this unique process...
We have hundreds of shapes you can choose from which are free of charge to use...yeah, free,
which means no additional set up costs!

Q: Can you make a custom shape?

A: Absolutely...we actually also do this under our own middlemen here baby...Fax or E-Mail your design
 request so we can check it out. Let that little mind of yours go crazy...and there is a good chance you won't
pay for it either...worst case scenario you'll cover the labor and material and pay us a measly 395 bucks one time...
so how good does that make you feel?

Q: Does it cost extra to compress the shirts?

A: Uhhhhh, YEAH!! A lot of labor and love goes into this process. We first place a piece of tissue paper over the
design to protect it, then hand fold the shirt (design inward). The folded shirt then gets placed into the female
part of the mold of your choice and the male companion well you know...gets in there and compresses it...
There is NO minimum to try these marketing gems, in fact, we'll even compress shirts you have already printed a
nd collecting dust in your warehouse...let your hair down and get funky with us...

Q: Do we get to see a sample of OUR shirt before you print the job?

A: That's a big phat YES! Consider it a part of our world class service. We will actually overnight the first printed
and compressed shirt (if you are ordering compression) to your door to ensure it's PERFECT!
Companies that don't offer this service are just, well, stupid! The labor is done for free, you fine folks cover us on
the freight...t-shirts we print and ship.

Q: Can you rush my order?

A: Did I mention our middle name is “RUSH”….Sure we can. We do it everyday...Call or E-Mail
with your in hand date request and make sure we have the artwork and order details so we can price ya out.
Can you say 1 day turnaround...we can!

Q: Is that really drsmooth's hair?

A: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease....

Q: What's your turnaround for new orders?

A: The big question here is are you supplying artwork or are we designing the shirt...If you're supplying
the art and it's good to go figure on 2-3 weeks...If we're designing the shirt and good call for letting us
do that...let the sales rep quote you the time. Our current workflow will also be a factor in determining how
fast we can get you outta here. Just call us for the up to the second report and know that what we say,
is what we do...

Q: What's your turnaround for re-orders?

A: Re-orders are printed and shipping within 1-2 weeks from when the quote is signed off and the 50%
deposit lands here. So quit biting those nails and get the re-order in here...Let's do it!!

Q: What kind of artwork do I need to provide?

A: We are looking for vector artwork. (.eps) or (.ai) files from Illustrator are the most popular vector files
we receive. You may have a Photoshop file (.psd) which needs to be at least 300 dpi the size you want printed
on the shirt. Note a (.jpeg) file is most likely a viewing file and in most cases will require time to rebuild.
Once the file lands here we are able to quote you any one time costs BEFORE we go to work.
Best thing to do is check out our Artwork Specs link on the
site. If you're like,
"I don't know vector art from a hole in the wall" send us what ya have and we'll dial you in...
did I just say hole in the wall?

Q: Can you guys draw up a design for me?

A: Do bears "••••" in the woods? My friends, this is one of our major league strengths and reason you will
ultimately choose us, besides of course our world class service, our ability to compress shirts,
the fact we are the FACTORY and do all the work under one get the picture? Go to our
Custom Design link here and have a peek for yourself....
With your pictures and ideas we gotcha covered on the creative end for sure ....

Q: Once I pay for a design is it mine?

A: You are paying for T-shirts so you won't see any artwork costs on your order. We will figure out what
it's gunna take to get the job done and get you one unit cost per shirt...

Q: Who owns the design?

A:The design is owned by both of us. We can't print the design without you and you can't take possession
of it and seek another printer. If you want to own the design, get the artwork done on your own and
 present it to us ready to roll...and good luck dealing with the artist of your choice.....
what we will do thou is allow you to use the artwork for other mediums….cause we like you!

Q: My last printer was able to use my jpeg file just fine, why can't you?

A: We can, however, will take some time to rebuild and get into a vector format, ready to print.
(.jpeg) files are viewing files not printing files...however, don't worry, we want to print shirts so our art costs
are very reasonable...remember our number one priority is the quality of the job and it all begins with how
good the artwork is!

Q: Can we ever touch and feel the $2.95 Guys?

A: We certainly hope so... We exhibit at many trade shows throughout the year and love meeting you guys
in the flesh. We also would love to hear what trade shows you attend...we’ll pack a lunch and come see you...
When and if you do see us at a show you will really see, firsthand, our quality is the real deal!

Q: Will you guys print and warehouse my order until I need them?

A: Hmmmmmmmm, lemme think about it...maybe....need more facts on this one...if you’re willing
to pay for the order in full I’m thinking we could store them here for a little bit.

Q: Will you drop ship an order to 4 different locations?

A: Sure, if you provide the addresses and pay us, we’ll take care of you.

Q: Can i use my freight account number?  

A:  Every day of the week...We welcome this, just understand, besides the bulk order, your account will be charged
for the pre-production overnight sample which will give you peace of mind we’re gunna nail this baby right on...

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